Nurturing an inclusive and global
Transforming creativity and innovation through
sustainable development
Nurturing an inclusive and global Greenconomy
Transforming creativity and innovation
through sustainable development
About US

International Business Development

International Business Development (IBD) redefines what it means to live, be and build a green economy. We are a conscious business in pursuit of excellence, and transforming creativity and innovation through sustainable development.

Revolutionising Malaysia towards a responsible, sustainable and inclusive global greenconomy through its groundbreaking, three bioenergy technologies founded in Berlin, Germany :

IBD Group

IBD Group is a privately owned company led by a team of local and international enthusiastic and vibrant professionals. The driving force of the Group is based on a lifelong mission to commit to social and environmental responsibility.

Our fundamental principle is rooted in combining ethical business conduct that cultivates the three pillars of sustainability : economy, ecology and equity.

We are proud to invest resources and skills back into the community, with sustainable development as a key strategic priority since its founding. IBD Group focuses on opportunities and generating transformative actions that will benefit and empower people, communities and global markets.

Evergreen Core Values

Nurturing an inclusive and global

Nurturing an inclusive and global

Commitment To Sustainability

Key disruptor combining principled business practices that cultivate our economy, ecology and equity landscapes

Creativity & Innovation

Inspiring bold ways of thinking and creating in order to generate transformative innovations and actions toward a prosperous and sustainable future for mankind

Towards an Inclusive &
Global Economy

Nurturing an inclusive and collaborative local and international partnerships that delivers lasting benefits to the people, communities and global markets

Pursuit of

Core competencies and savoir faire in design and research. Recognizing talents and growing our team to proactively be the change and become game changers

Green Founders

Founded in 2019, IBD is the brainchild of dynamic duo Thomas Cheah, a Malaysian-German medical and businessman; and Dato’ Kamal Ismaun, a former diplomat and Malaysian Ambassador to Germany who served in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for 33 years.

The company is committed to being a key disruptor in future sustainable actions and revolutionise renewable and clean energy sources, currently available in 36 countries worldwide ranging from Asia, Middle East & other regions of the world.

Thomas Cheah

Chairman & Founder

Dato’ Kamal Ismaun

Chief Executive Officer

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All Roads Lead to Green

With environmental awareness comes great responsibility, paired with a greater desire to do good and make a difference. We make sustainability part of everything we do and lift economic growth meaningfully for Malaysia’s future, as well as globally.

Future plans are in the pipeline to grow and utilise its platform to diversify into :